What is a day?

Ok, so todays entry is a little late, however it depends how you define a day really… Is it from when you get up to when you sleep? Does it end at midnight? Or does it end when the date changes in Nuie? Personally I’ve always gone with what fits my mood.

Today has been long, first of all I flooded the kitchen taking a shower, had maintenance out and apparently the shower needs retiling… Probably won’t see that happen before I leave though so gotta be careful not to splash the walls. Then the rest of this afternoon and evening vanished to working on my dissertation.

I should probably introduce you to that a little more actually; my dissertation is on the recognition of pain in companion animals. Simple title yet there are so many things that I want to do its difficult not getting sidetracked! I am basically doing it through a survey format looking at if owners can recognise pain or not, then putting it to the test through some images. I will probably add the survey onto here in the next couple of days actually as the more answers I can get the better. Its amazing how much work it has taken looking at government statistics and previous research just to get to this stage actually.

I also got my first donation towards my vet school fund today! And had my first project on fiverr signed off as well so I am finishing today £20 up (whoooop!). Lets end it on that great note 🙂 Night all

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