Saturday Night… Animal Pain…

I have this thing where when I get into something I just keep going and lose track of all time. This happened this afternoon. I’ve spent the past 12 hours reading up on animal pain, physiology, signs and neurology. It’s absolutely how much information is out there on this field. One of my goals as a vet is to improve welfare, when you as humans are in pain and go to the hospital or doctor’s you are given pain relieve, why shouldn’t the same be true for animals going to the vet?

I first got interested in animal pain through Equine Therapy which looked at technique and therapies to promote healing, the most amazing of which was accupuncture as in China they actually give you the option of accupuncture or General Anaesthetic when you go into hospital.I think I will write a quick review of animal pain pretty soon, I just want to keep my concentration on my dissertation at the moment.

Time to crack on, Chris.

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