Merck Veterinary Manual 10th Edition Review

Merck Veterinary Manual 10th Edition - Best Vet Books

My first review is of the Merck Veterinary Manual 10th Edition (the first edition was published in 1955), I got mine back in 2010 with a week of the 10th edition being published. Personally my first impression was that it reminded me off bible with the same type of paper, and a similar size. At first I didn’t believe it could contain everything it claimed to.

This is one book I am definately taking with me when I move in September, and for £30 was probably one of the best investments I’ve made. It literrally has every disease common to companion, farm, equine and even some exotic animals. It has been a valuable reference and is the first book I will check, however it is only useful when you know what you are looking for already. Trying to use it to diagnose symptoms or problems is extremely difficult…

The Merck Veterinary Manual, 10e

The first part of the book is split into body systems, and the second half is split into specialisms such as pathology, emergency medicine, toxicology, pharmacology etc. These are made easy to find with a cut out along the side of the book taking you straight to the contents page for that section where it is split into Large Animals and Small Animals.

There are a lot of colour photo’s and diagrams showing complex processes as simply as possible. This book is targetted at people interested in the veterinary field with clear and concise language, and covering most diseases that you will encounter. However it is not great for normal person just looking to learn more about animals.

My rating is 10 / 10
This is a book anyone in the veterinary field should have a copy of.

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