A long day…

I was so tired when I wrote this last night I forgot to press Publish, so apologies for the delay…

Thank you to everyone that has donated ! Every little does help and it really is appreciated as it all adds up! I added Give a Pound yesterday which is my challenge to find 40,000 people to give just £1 over the 4 years… To be honest just so long as I can raise £10,000 by September I am good for the first year and hopefully those reading and enjoying my diary will also help to keep me in vet school! Yesterday I broke the 300 people reading my diary entry so really getting exciting!

Today really has been long, I’ve written over 100 letters that I need to mail to potential sponsors, done some work on the website, and also spent the majority of the day working on my dissertation.

Also I have spoken to a few dairy farmers with the cut in price of milk at the dairy gate, its encouraging a lot of innovation. There is a dairy farmer who has been dropping of a free pint of milk explaining just how little he recieves for it and asking people to buy directly from the dairy with great success. In addition there is a twitter campaign running with the #sosdairy hashtag, and a name and shame scheme for those paying less than production.

At the moment the supermarkets that are paying above the price of production are:

Sainsburys, Tesco, M&S and Waitrose

I would urge you to consider supporting the UK Dairy industry, farmers are usually the last people to go on strike as they are too busy working and looking after their animals. However I personally believe  that they need our support and I will be looking to buy my milk direct if I can.

You can also check out my previous post which has some interesting figures about the UK Diary Industry here: http://www.vetschooldiary.com/2012/07/10/a-little-science-some-dairy-and-the-jet-stream/

Till tommorow…

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