Numbers, Statistics, and Results

I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been here now, I know I didn’t sleep last night cannot remember much of today to be honest! My Dissertation is getting there though! Today has been tidying up the methodology writeup and trying to work out how to write the results.

I choose to do a Quantative survey to reach a lot of people, and to give me some solid numbers to work with. I’ve had 145 responses online, and not met my significant number to get a representative sample of the England Population so have narrowed it down to just Gloucester for the official project. I am also planning to release the complete result set here without the claim of it being respresentative as its interesting reading.

Today I’ve also been approached by the BBC for an interview Yay! Once my dissertation is out of the way get ready for the launch of my video diarys to accompany my daily posts! 🙂

Dissertation 1 Week Milestone

There are now just 7 days until my dissertation hand-in date, as such the majority of my time over the next 7 days will go to this. I will make shorter diary updates however I will not be replying to to tweets, facebook messages or emails as fast as I normal do.

Today’s post should have been about snakes, however I am waiting on a couple of images. Also coming up is homeopathic remedies, deworming and vaccinnations. Hopefully I will be able to get 1 of each of these written each day!

Anyways I need to get more milk for my coffee, and then get on with my dissertation! Its really starting to take shape into something that I am proud of. Once its submitted I will write a little bit on animal pain here as well.