The end of a journey…

Hartpury College Lane

Well today I sat my last exam (my dissertation oral presentation) within the UK for at least the next four years, I should get my results on the 31st August and as long as I have passed (touch wood) I am good to fly out on the 6th September.

Hartpury College Lane
Walking out of the Lane to Hartpury College for the last time…

It’s been an absolute roller coaster of a journey to get to where I am now, so many things have happened however I am here now and on the 6th September will be on my way there. I have always known that I will be going to vet school, at the start I just didn’t know where. I’ve looked at a lot of different options, Budapest, Warsaw, St Georges in the Carribean, all the UK Schools (Nottingham, RVC, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol, and Dublin), and also the USA. I chose Slovakia because of the cost and because the people that have studied there already have had only good things to say.

I am now with 23 days left until my flight, I am still some way from the funding that I need, however I am spending the next two days trying to sell everything I own! In addition I am trying to find 150 businesses to sponsor the next 150 days of my diary so if you know anyone or are interested get in touch.