Results… Or in my case, lack off…

Something I have to say, is that it seems some things can be relied upon. When I first started at Hartpury they failed to send me any joining instructions, they failed to tell me that I had to come in for the entire week, and since then communication (or the lack off it) has been my biggest gripe.

Now those that have emailed/tweeted/facebooked me will have seen that I do reply as fast as I can. The only time it is delayed is when I am away from the computer. I like communication, and as the poor lady that sat next to me on the train the other night can testify, I can talk for England. To be honest I am pretty glad I can, as great communication is probably one of the most important skills a vet needs.

Anyways back to results, basically since April i’ve been constantly assured that I would be able to get a Interim Letter of Results to say that I had obtained my degree on the 31st August after the final field boards. Now all my plans have hinged on this, and though sending an email to confirm this over a week ago I didn’t get a reply to it until Lunchtime…. Its a Friday obviously, and off course the people that can make it all ok are not in. My tutor has left, my supervisor is on maternatity leave, and the academic registrar is out of the office…

So I am still in limbo… No interim letter, 4 (whole) days left in the UK, and its the weekend… All you can do is smile, and carry on. At least Hartpury is seeing me off in the same style they welcomed me 🙂

Anyways, I am writting this from Paddington Station, and now have to run to catch my train. Till tonight people 🙂

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