Big Decisions and the 1000 things to do…

Today I took the decision of changing my flight from Thursday to next Monday, I have a lot of stuff to do here. Though I am doing as much as I can, it still takes time that I wouldn’t have enough of if I flew off on Thursday. I’ve still got a pile of lecture notes to finish scanning, and also my packing to finish! What I am hoping to finish tommorow is my packing so that I can see what I have left that i cannot take. I have also managed to sell some more stuff today so am getting there slowly but surely.

It also allows me to make a hospital appointment for my wisdom tooth on Friday, those following twitter will know its been giving me hell. Sadly its not an extraction appointment, though hopefully will be given another course of antibiotics and painkillers for it to hold me over until I get my residency and health insurance sorted in Slovakia.

Now I really must sleep and hopefully tommorow will be a more productive day.

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