The impact of decisions…

Sometimes when you look back on something you start thinking about other things you could have done. Tonight if I had kept my original flight I would have been in Slovakia, I would be £200 poorer, and I would have failed to sell all my stuff. Its also sad as there is a festival on currently in Slovakia which if I had made it over today I would have been able to attend with my new classmates. However I believe that I made the right choice, I am not as stressed as I was about getting everything done, and tommorow should be selling the last of my stuff.

Anyways in talking to vets the common decision is that of where to draw the line. With pets it is possible to treat many diseases aggresively, however it comes down to a vet to help a owner decide when or if there is no quality of life. The biggest ethical dillemma facing animals is that it is impossible to communicate to them that they are going get better. Whilst the owner and vet may know this, the animal (which in some cases may be in extreme pain) doesn’t. With more and more advanced (and more agressive) treatment being developed sometimes its difficult to see where the line is.

If you contrast these decisions you can see that decisions made that affect yourself tend to be easier than those that affect others. I believe that it is important to understand the responsibility I am taking on in becoming a vet, firstly to animals, and then to clients. Within veterinary medicine they say you do not really start learning until you are in practice, and as such I both look forward to graduating in 4 years time, whilst also dread the mistakes I am bound to make…

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