An even quicker update! Last night in Gloucester with Fire!

farewell bonfire

Very very quick update this evening! I am extremely busy trying to sort out the last minute things as I still have tons of stuff to sort through. I kinda gave up on the shredding idea for bank statements etc as it was just taking so long and instead went this way instead…

farewell bonfire
P.S. Yes I did make sure to check it for hedgehogs

Ok so back on to important things, I’ve been watching the euro rate which has been dropping like crazy this week… Slightly concerning as I need to pay my tuition on Thursday so kinda hoping it doesn’t drop too much further, already added £25 onto this semesters tuition cost 🙁 I just hope it does back up by next semester as it is a worrying trend!

Anyways getting there now! Tools sold, books sold, DVD’s sold, main stuff that remains are computer bits which I am going try and sell tommorow morning before I go!

ProVet Cloud Practice Management System

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