A random act of kindness…

Ok so I tweeted earlier about this however its so special and has really touched me so much that I need to do a mini update just for it.

This evening I have been travelling with 3 massive bags, including a suitcase I can barely lift, from Gloucester to Huntingdon where I am spending the next few hours before heading to the airport at 5:30am. I had to travel via Birmingham New Street and when I got on the train I made to stand with my pile of luggage as I didn’t trust myself not to fall asleep (I am exhausted). The guard asked where I was going and when I said Peterborough (connecting station) looked at me like I was mad and practically forced me to sit down.

Anyways I’m nodding off in my own little world when we arrive into Nuneaton, a lady sat in the corner off the carriage 2 rows away got up to get off. Stood next to me and said Peterborough is quite a way, here is something to help give you the energy to stay awake. She placed a cadbury boost bar on the table in front of me and simply carried on getting off the train.

Whoever you are, thank you, it really did help, and the entire carriage was speaking about it for ages afterwards. You kept me awake, and reminded people just how much good there is the world. I really hope you do end up reading this!


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