Vet School Registration! (Day 3)


Well today was registration day, so at 9am we all headed into uni, we’d been told we were meeting at the Office for foriegn studies but were in the lecture room downstairs. We were given a talk by the vice-rector and told that the university has a farm about 60km out of town  for which we get a free bus, and also a horse school where we can also ride in addition to the main campus. The farm has 800 cows and some bulls, 500 pigs and 500 sheep from what we were told which is a staggering number. The largest diary herd I have worked with to this point has been 250 head, and no bulls. Basically with artificial insemination (AI) bulls are no longer essential to diary units so only the bigger units have them with the rest just using frozen sperm.

Anyways before I go off course too much… Back to registration, basically over here the university works on a credit system where you have to achieve so many credits before you can take the final exam, and have to pass everything before you can go onto the next semester. This is all recorded in a study diary they give you where you write the subjects you are taking and the professors/lecturers then sign them off once you complete the exam successfully. Most of my lecturers are vets, with several professors and associate professors too.

I have a full week timetable (the 6 year course gets Thursdays off this semester), which is pretty cool as the earliest start is 8am. I’ve been told that anatomy is brilliant and everyone seems to have it as their favourite subjects so I am really looking forward to it next week! Lectures start on Monday.

Also this evening I made friends with the cheif of the Aquaterra club which basically has a great fish and reptile collection based in the dorms. I will be going back on Sunday evening to try and get involved. There is a little language problem however I will get there eventually and the best way to learn is by trying to speak it. I also found there is 2 gyms in the dorms, and made friends with the lecturer for Animal Husbandry randomly who basically gave me his mobile number and said to call if I need anything.

Ooooo as the no hot water situation in dorms, it has now evolved to no showers either. This is a quick snap of the showers….;

Tommorow morning I have to head to town to get some photo’s taken for my ID cards, so I will leave it there as I need to sleep!

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