A day of rest… (Day 19)

Just a really quick entry today. Basically I decided to take some downtime and so took some time to catch up on my emails, tweets, facebook and diary entries over the past week. As well as stealing a lie in this morning.

This afternoon I have spent some time going over notes from the lectures this week especially on the staining techniques for Histology and the content of milk. The amount of stuff that I have learnt so far that I don’t actually realise I’ve learnt is staggering. Yet when I look at my anatomy textbook and realise that I’ve still got another 40 pages to learn before Thursday I start to wonder. Anatomy really is taking over my life, and whilst I realise its important the other subjects just simply are not getting as much revision as I’d like. Speaking to others it seems I am not the only one, Anatomy has weekly credit tests which all need to be passed, this weeks test is on the bones of the Thoracic limb and the comparative anatomy of them between species.

In terms of the amount to remember its something like the following before introducing addition areas specific to certain species or animals.

Scapula – 17 different areas and names to learn
Humerus – 27 different areas and names to learn
Radius & Ulna – 30 different areas and names to learn
Metacarpals – 25+ different areas + bones
Digits (Phalanx’s) – 35+ different areas and bones

All of this needs to be memorised in latin by Thursday! I am trying to do different bones each day for the next few days to try and cover it. I desperately want the A grade there as well!

Anyways back to work and then hopefully going get an early night!

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