My goals for 2013… (Day 114)

Stray kitten being fed after washing, defleaing, and antibiotics

Welcome to 2013, the next month is going to either make or break my dream of becoming a vet as in the next 44 days I need to raise over £2000 for tuition for my next semester of vet school. However if all goes to plan, here are the goals I am working towards…

83 Monthly Sponsors giving £10
Over the past semester I have found it extremely stressful fundraising at the same time as trying to study. In my second year I will have a minimum of 42 hours of lectures and practicals a week in addition to clinical placements. The only way this is going work is if I can focus on my studies, so I am looking to find regular monthly sponsors to give just 33p a day so I do not have this stress. Currently I have just 9 monthly sponsors.

To rock my exams with A or B (80%+ grades)
I am in vet school so I am trying to make sure that I make the best of my time here, every spare second goes to learning and additional reading as its no good being just average. I have so many people believing in me that I can go the extra mile!

To increase amount of “A Close Look…” articles
I recently added a new category to the Vet School Diary for articles looking at specific areas or topics that are important to pet owners and explain common things and answer general questions that I come across. I decided to do this as reading back on some of my diary entries a few step into the scientific relm a little too far to be understood as light reading. The first of these articles was on the truth about chocolate and dogs.

To continue studying to ensure that I am the vet my supporters deserve
This time next year if I remain in Vet School I will be starting general surgery and anesthesiology. This means that everything I have learnt so far and will learn this year will be used to help me directly work with animals. I will continue to push myself to be the best I can be!

I still have over £2000 to raise for tuition due in February, if you can help please sponsor a vet student even if it is just £1/month, it will make the difference to animals like this stray kitten for years to come!

Stray kitten being fed after washing, defleaing, and antibiotics

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