What do you think makes a great vet? (Day 130)

Chris's bioveterinary science degree certificate!

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Well today has been interesting, I guess the highlight was that my degree certificate finally turned up! It’s just 3 months late but I guess its better late than never and will take some pressure of me as a copy is required by the Slovak Ministry of Education. Its not as impressive as I thought it would be considering how much it cost, I hope my DVM looks a lot more pretty!

Chris's bioveterinary science degree certificate!
2:1 Degree BSc (Hons) in Bioveterinary science!

Anyways, someone tweeted how good their vet was this evening which got me thinking about what is important to you as pet owners when engaging with a vet. Here are some of the answers I got, if you have others please do add a comment below!

The top reason a vet was great was continuity of care, knowing that you will see the same vet each time. This is something I totally agree with as I find it annoying myself having to explain the same thing again only to be given the same advice. The worst example of this failing was with a friend a few years back whose practice decided to bring in a locum (visiting vet) on the day she had booked for her cat to be euthanized.

This leads into reason two which is that the vet knows your animals name and age, and has some clue who you are. And then there is reason three which this leads on to that your vet is actually friends with your pet and so is more emotionally invested so will make more effort with their care. All very good things and something that I’d expect at the minimum from any vet.

Reason four was the all creatures great and small line, no matter what species your pet is your vet should be enthusiastic to see them whether horse, guinea pig or gold fish! Sometimes in practice this is not always possible, however it is not because the vet doesn’t care, but because they do not have the specialist knowledge of your pet. Learning everything a vet needs to know in 6-7 years at Vet School there just isn’t enough time to learn everything about every species! However if this is the case then do talk to your vet about finding a local specialist!

Reason five was that they hold free clinics and health checks so are not just there for money! (Chris’s note: Trust me, I wouldn’t put myself through the stress of vet school if it was just about the money!!!) More and more practices are holding free clinics from weight loss through to dental checks, this is not just great for your wallet but also gives a great boost to your pets health!

Have you anymore reasons why your vet is great? Add them in the comments below!

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