500 days of vet school in pictures – part 2 (Day 501)

Kitten with a case of the giggles

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Well yesterday was my 500th day of vet school so I decided to share some of the never seen before photo’s from my massive collection over my 500 days as a vet student. Strangely I did not have space for them all so have decided to continue with this today. Sometimes being a vet student is difficult, and being able to look back at days like these simply make it all worthwhile…

Simply all creatures great and small…

All creatures great and small with a deer

A case of the giggles…Kitten with a case of the giggles

Monkeying around comes easy…Monkeying around

Somehow, its impossible not to play with kittens…Kitten playing

Rescued wild lynx…Rescued wild lynk in slovakia

A new study buddy…Stern Cats

Sometimes just a little helping hand is all that is needed…Chris feeding a foal

Somehow, I found confidence around horses….Chris making friends with a horse

A moment of reflection…A moment of reflection

And finally, it is time to rest….When a vet student rests

Now tomorrow’s post will be back to normal, I really do hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into why being a vet student has become my life for the past 500 days, and hopefully the next 800 or so too!

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