Vet for hire…


So with all my exams done, the next task is to get that very first job, and treat that very first patient. Seeing as my diary has got me this far, I am going post what I am looking for here, in the hopes there is a practice out there that can offer me what I want. Location within UK is not important and I should have my MRCVS at the end of July all going well.


  • A surgery a day
  • Qualified RVN support staff
  • First opinion practice with good equipment and facilities
  • OOH would be good to get some emergency medicine experience
  • Experienced team mentor/backup to learn from (certificate holders a bonus!)

My interest is surgery and I plan to pursue specialisation in this eventually, however I really want to spend some time in general practice to develop my consultation skills before looking at moving on. I’m confident with some surgery and opening / closing abdomen however have no experience with bitch spays (i’ve only done pyos) or flank spays in cats.

If you feel that you can offer me a great first job please get in touch at to talk further.

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