Learning in a field with The VET Festival – Vet Festival 2017

Fitzpatrick Vet Festival 2017

I can barely believe a year has gone, my exams are all passed and I am waiting for graduation, and last night I arrived to Guildford for the 3rd Vet Festival.

This is one of the vet conferences where I actually tend to go to as many lectures as possible because they are not available afterwards, and the information shared is not stuff I can just read in a book.

Over these 2 days I will be blogging as I go with a series of microblogs on specific topics to accompany my live twitter feed. This is something I hope to achieve to help me get my notes in better order as last year was so intense and I learnt so much that I struggled to organise it myself afterwards.

These microblogs will be based around the lecture topic, however will also add my own thoughts and opinions onto it so not everything will be from the speaker themselves however I will try to separate my thoughts to make it easy for you to follow.

I hope that you enjoy my highlights of this unique festival even if you’ve not been able to make it yourself. And if you have made it yourself please do say hi!


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