I think I got a 2:1 Bsc(hons) Degree… (Day 8)

Tesco Live Fish Tank Counter

Well this morning was Microbiology and Immunology, the lecture was spent as a general introduction to the module structure, an explaination of the credit system (which is different to the UK) and the way it is taught here. Basically here in Slovakia you get credits towards your final grade just for attending the practicals, in addition to the practical exam, before then getting more credits in the final exam. The minimum grade is 51% however if you can achieve 80%+ the entire 4 years you recieve the Rectors award as well.

So Microbiology lecture over we had a big gap until the Microbiology practical, many of my classmates headed back to dorms, however that is a habit I would like to avoid so I went exploring. There are no times posted yet for either the Histology room or the anatomy museum, hopefully I will be able to spend most of my free time here from next week. I also picked up some dissection tools for Anatomy on Thursday, apparently we do not need an entire set, however we do need scalpels and I also picked up some blunt dissection scissors. Anyways a group of us decided to go Tesco’s this afternoon as we finished early and needed to get some food stuff in, we arranged to meet after dropping stuff back at dorms.

Anyways I’d emailed Hartpury Saturday to ask why my results were not online, still had not a reply so decided to check one last time. Its almost that heart in the mouth moment when you are logging in waiting for it to load… I’m there and then its there with 62%… Plugging this into the UWE Degree Classification calculator… It looks like I have a 2:1…. I was over the moon!!!

Some of my new friends here took me out for pizza to celebrate, then we did our shopping… I found a tank of live fish in tesco here…

Tesco Live Fish Tank Counter
Tesco Live Fish Tank Counter

I’m not sure how when or where these fish are killed, however I am not sure what I think of the tank as the amount of air bubbles is staggeering forcing the majority of the fish to the top!

Anyways after this we had ice cream and an evening of Inbetweeners to celebrate my 2:1! Also, would like to introduce you to my neighbour…

African Grey Parrot
Chris with African Grey Parrot