Give Your Pets the Creature Comforts They Deserve

Dog snoozing in his basket

Us humans, we like to be comfortable, don’t we? We like being able to fall into a comfy bed after a long, hard day at work; we like to have the comfiest cushions squashed behind our backs as we sit on the sofa; and we like to dry our faces with towels made of the most luxurious cotton known to man after stepping out of the shower. So if we like such comforts, why wouldn’t our pets like them too?

Over half of pet owners consider their four-legged friends to be a member of the family, so it’s only natural that to feel a sense of guilt when you see them sleeping in a wicker basket with a few old blankets thrown in. You wouldn’t let your children sleep in those conditions, would you? You wouldn’t let your spouse, would you? Well, maybe you would on that last one, especially after an argument. The point is, it’s okay to feel bad about providing your pet with a makeshift sleeping area, and not silly at all to want to make them comfier.

But now it’s time to stop worrying about it, and doing something about it! Now, we could allow for our pets to share our beds, of course, but this isn’t recommended. So what’s the comfiest alternative? A few options to consider are a memory foam dog lounger for dogs (or spouses), or a jolly moggy cat radiator bed, for, yep, you guessed it, cats: more to the point, for cats that love to be cosy and next to a radiator at all times.

Another point of worry for pet owners across the land is that dreaded separation: that moment when you have to say goodbye to your four legged friend and go to work in the morning. And when this is combined with a fear that your pet isn’t cosy enough, it can be sometimes unbearable for the owner. Sometimes it even forces them to up and leave right in the middle of an important conference call in order to go home and tend to their pet’s every need (although there are yet to be any actual reports of such a thing happening). To the point, it’s okay to feel guilty when leaving your pooch or moggie locked inside all day with nobody or nothing to entertain them but their tails. A tip to help keep your pet as content and comfortable as they can be in your absence is to leave lights on for them. Their heartache at being abandoned will only be made worse by darkness, so when the evening starts drawing in and the day slowly turns to night a light would be comforting for them. There are obvious pitfalls with this idea: your electricity bill being one. However, with advances in technology, such as Samsung SmartThings, you have the power to remotely switch on the lights in your house, even when you’re not there.

So, there you have it. A comfortable pet is a happy pet; a happy pet makes a happy house; and a happy house most importantly means you’re happy. But don’t let your pet steal all the cosiness, humans need to be cosy too!