Pet Birthday Parties: The Ultimate Guide


They are a valued member of your family and the centre of your world so they deserve to have their birthday celebrated too! If your pup, bunny or kitten is celebrating their birthday soon, why not throw a party and make an occasion of it? You may end up enjoying it as much as they do!

Guest lists and invitations

The guest list will very much depend on the type of pet that is celebrating their birthday. Cats do not always like being transported around and smaller mammals can get stressed during car journeys so it is best to limit the guest list to humans!

Dogs, however, are an entirely different matter. They may already have some good buddies that they meet up with in the local park and they have to be top of the list. Then just make up the numbers with some B-list humans who will not be anywhere near as much fun!

It is easy and fun to make up your own invitations using a picture of your pet and perhaps sign it with a paw print. Be clear about the time and the venue. You do not have to hold a party for your pup in your own house. You could meet up in a local park first and then head back to your place.

Decorate your house

The only limit here is your imagination. For dogs, it is fun to cut out paper bones or lamp-posts and hang them from your ceiling or from trees in your garden. For cats, you could use fish shapes and paw prints. Draw some paw prints in chalk on outdoor paths etc.

Some dogs love to dress up and they could have a special new outfit. What about a tuxedo or tutu? For those canines who are a little more refined in their tastes, you may want to choose a new collar. A collar is definitely the limit for cats as they are not keen on dressing up.

Gifts for the birthday girl or boy

Who doesn’t love a birthday gift? Dogs are probably the easiest to buy for and a strong toy is a popular choice but how long will it last? Can Indestructible Dog Toys Really Be So Tough and Durable? You will soon find out! What about an outing or an experience? A trip to their favourite beach or a camping trip would be their ideal weekend break.

For cats, a toy is a good choice as are blankets, cushions, and beds. Some lovely new bowls always go down well. You can’t go wrong with some healthy treats.

For small mammals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, you are a little more limited but new bowls or even a new hutch is a good idea if you have a big budget. There are plenty of delicious treats out there too. As for toys, a rabbit will be kept amused for hours with a willow ball or a willow grass hut. You can’t go wrong with a toy that you can eat!

Happy Birthday to me from Eickemeyer… (Day 581)

Birthday parcel from Eickemeyer

So today is my birthday, the second one I have spent here in Slovakia yet today has been made special with a surprise birthday present from Eickemeyer

Birthday parcel from EickemeyerSo this morning I had an early start so got to university to find the classroom door locked and the lights off… Seems my class was cancelled and somehow this escaped my attention. It wasn’t all bad though as I ended up spending the morning and early afternoon with the plastic surgeon which was pretty cool as I am starting to learn stuff which is way above what vet students normally get taught. After this I then had my general surgery practical which was on suture techniques for hollow organs and tendons which was pretty cool.

Now after all this was over I finally got back to my birthday parcel, opening it up I found I had a box of Eickcoll which is a head collar/cone to stop animals removing sutures along with bandage material, pens and a new t-shirt!

Present from EickemeyerUnderneath this however was a second smaller box, now for some reason I always that the really cool stuff is always in the smaller box…

The small box in the big boxIn this case it really proved true with this being inside this smaller box…

Eickemeyer Surtron electrosurgery unitOk so looks very pretty doesn’t it?!? But what does it do???

This is a electrosurgery machine, if you have ever watched a medical show such as ER, or Grays you will have seen one used as this is nicknamed the “bovie” (as it was invented by physicist William Bovie and neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing). It’s a machine that uses electricity both to coagulate vessels to stop bleeding, and can also be used to cut through tissues as well! Originally they were giant (unreliable) machines, now however its a small computer controlled box that allows an exact charge to be applied making them perfect for delicate work.

Now during BSAVA Congress in the Avian Medicine and Surgery lectures this was listed as an essential piece of equipment for anyone doing avian (bird) surgery because when you deal with a small 50g bird the maximum “safe” blood loss is a total of around 0.35ml. With electrosurgery (or radiotherapy as its properly called) equipment like this you can control and minimize the bleeding during surgery and so improve the outcome for the patient.

Hopefully I will be able to put this to good use over the next few years as I am hoping to do my thesis into minimally invasive surgery in exotic patients!

The end of BSAVA Congress 2014 – (Day 571)

Being told I got a birthday present by Eickemeyer UK!

Today’s Diary Entry is sponsored by Spikes World Wildlife Feeds

The end of Congress 2014, congress has completely flown by, my feet ache, I am exhausted and seeing this I felt it was a perfect explanation of how most people here this morning feel…

How you feel the morning after

I do believe however the new student stream today got of to the best start with the offer of free paracetamol and water by the speakers! For me BSAVA Congress is great with the opportunity to meet loads of new people, and keep in touch with people. Today I got told that I was going have a great birthday present heading my way to help me with my thesis and improve the care that I can offer patients here in Slovakia from EickemeyerUK.

Being told I got a birthday present by Eickemeyer UK!

Now today is my last day in the UK for a while so I decided to finish it with the best Sunday roast that I could find…

Last meal in England for a whileIts been a blast, I leave Birmingham at 3am tomorrow morning and will hopefully arrive back to Slovakia sometime tomorrow…