CEVA Animal Welfare Awards 2016

CEVA Animal Welfare Awards 2016

Often when I log onto social media to a constant barrage of animals needing help, petitions to prosecute properly people slapped on the wrist for outright animal cruelty, and some horrific images. This evening however I was very excited to be invited to the Animal Welfare Awards 2016 – an evening to celebrate the people on the front-line making a difference every single day.

In the 5 years since these awards started they have become an inspiration to others that a difference can be made. And it doesn’t always take a lot of money, fancy facilities or equipment. It can be a single person with the passion to lead others towards a common goal.

It was an amazing evening celebrating amazing people that I cannot do it justice in a single post here however the use of technology has made these awards truly international with the awards being broadcast live on youtube around the world. I hope that this recording will be available and will share it with you when/if it appears.

Coming into these awards I knew very little about CEVA, however the passion through the staff right up to management for animal welfare is infectious. I will be writing up each category through the congress. I hope to track down some of the finalists later for more of a chat – there are some great tips from these awards that can be taken away to help you make a difference.

In the meantime you can check out some twitter highlights…

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