A quick one and then sleep…

Hi guys,

Just a really quick update today as I am exhausted, I’ve been up since around 6am after getting to sleep well after midnight, and I should be up again at 6am tommorow. I am really trying to squeeze as much outta my last 36 hours in the UK as I can. Most of my stuff has a home, it really is just my papers and clothes that are letting me down as I’ve not had time to scan them all as I had hoped 🙁 I am going try and find someway to store my papers to come back to as they could be very useful to reference during the course.

Today I had an appointment for a consultation at Cheltenham Hospital for my wisdom tooth, I was very disappointed as I basically walked in, filled in a form, signed it. The consultant then glanced at it, and basically was like we’ll send you a surgery date. I really am a nervous patient when it comes to dentists however this is agony so am going see if what options there are for me once I reach Slovakia.

Tommorow is going be a really busy day, I don’t see any sleep happening tommorow night either so I must get my head down now. You guys rock!