Histology and the failing of revision… (Day 28)

Loose Connective Tissue

Another Monday and the start of my forth week of vet school here in Slovakia, I actually do feel like a vet student now. There is also freshers flu going around with a lot of people ill, it doesn’t take an epidemiologist to work out with so many people living in a single place that if one get sicks everyone will get sick…. So I feel a little rough add to that the revision I did for Histology over the weekend and I am pretty zombiefied this morning.

Histology lecture this morning was on the identification of connective tissue under the microscope and extra cellular components which was pretty cool. I am now starting to appreciate how Histology is not just looking down a microscope but an understand of the anatomy of the body, coupled with an understanding of the staining of samples, and a understanding of the tissue structures being observed. Basically its like a revision session for everything else in addition to learning new stuff as well!

This session was then followed by the practical, before I get started lets clear up a very important lesson from today…. Revision only works when you revise the right thing!!! So I spent hours revising histology staining methods, sample preparation, slide appearance and everything like that. And groaned when I was given a test paper with 5 questions on Cytology (cell structure) as its been so long since I looked at it in detail and was something that I did not revise at all. I basically think I’ve failed this test which kinda sucks however has taught me a lesson that I will not forget in a hurry! So after this test we then observed the different connective tissues down the microscope… For example all the green bits in this photo are loose connective tissue (aka give the structure to the tissue) in the Esophagus.

Loose Connective TissueAfter this it was then onto Physiology, todays lecture was on the nervous system and the different parts of it. Basically there are two distinctions; the Central Nervous System (CNS) is the brain and spinal column, and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) is everything else so all the nerve cells spread across the body. Todays lecture was about the communication of signals throughout the body which is pretty cool to understand as its essential to then understanding drugs used in pain management.

Anyways I need to grab some sleep, I will cover the nervous system in greater detail later when I’ve got more time!