What is an vet school anatomy test like, the Kidneys, and riding (Day 185)

Model showing the anatomy of the kidney in vet school

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I’ve had a request on twitter for an anatomy past paper so someone could see what a vet school anatomy was like here at UVM Kosice. The weekly credit tests (and the final exam) both are mainly oral exams to test your knowledge and so I will talk through today’s exam to give you some idea of what is expected in the anatomy credit test. On entering the anatomy lab I was told to find the cecum in this:

Click to show Image
WARNING: This image is from a dissection and shows week old equine intestines

This image was taken after I had sorted the pile of intestines and the cecum is the part that is descending towards the bottom of the photo. The next question was to name the different parts of the cecum – it has basis ceci where it connects to the ileum and colon, corpus ceci forms the body of the cecum, and apex ceci is the end of the cecum. The cecum is divided in sacculations haustra ceci by teniae ceci with the ileum entering through ostium ileale and the entrance to the colon ostium cecocolicum.

The next question was then to describe the intestine, in the horse this is in three parts the ascending colon (colon crassum), the colon transversum and the colon tenue. The colon crassum is then again broken down as it forms two u-shaped loops… The colon ventrale dextrum leading to flexura sternalis then coming back by colon ventrale sinistrum before flexura pelvina leads to colon dorsale sinistrum to flexura diaphragmaticus and finally colon dorsale dextrum. It then enters the colon transversum before then entering the colon tenue and the rectum. After describing this I was then asked to identify which animal a liver came from, in this case it was a ruminant liver as the lobes were undivided. I then was asked what the differences were with a pig liver – a pig liver does not have processes pappilaris. From knowing this I got a B today.

Anyways onto the main lecture which was looking at the kidney and urinary system. The kidneys are a complex organ which differ greatly between species both in their structure and the way that they function. The kidneys are responsible for controlling how much water is excreted from the body in urine as well as elimination of waste from the blood so as you can see below there is a very large blood supply going to them. The orange tube is the ureter that then leads to the bladder where urine is then stored for release later.

Model showing the anatomy of the kidney in vet school

On the way to horse riding this we rescued a dog from playing chicken with cars on a main road, had a collar so definitely has an owner we just have to find them. Horse riding was at the university riding centre this week which is on the edge of town, it’s somewhere I’ve visited before (check my diary entry on it) so I ended up leading the group. This session ended up being another session working with tack and saddling up. To be honest it’s helped my confidence loads as being perfect at the basics means that I have the knowledge and practical experience to advise clients in the future.

The end of Slovak Language… (Day 93)

It really is cold when fast flowing water freezes

You really can tell winter is here, there’s been snow on the ground for the past week or so now and the temperature is generally in the minus figures. Its beautiful, yet just shows me how I need to get some proper winter boots instead of my trainers and maybe a winter coat. We think its cold, however we’ve been warned that this is just the start and that it is expected to get so much colder before it gets warmer again. The fast flowing water on the way to uni (I think its a storm drain or something) has been frozen for the past few days…

It really is cold when fast flowing water freezesToday is my last day of Slovak Language, and the day of the exam, I am a little bit nervous as I have never been good at written exams due to my dyslexia and especially when I am getting marked on my spelling. Todays exam however went ok with filling in the missing pronouns into sentances in Slovak, the most difficult part was the possesive pronouns.

Similarily to Latin the Slovak language also uses gender with its words, with different words and endings depending on if you are talking about a male, female or in general. This part of the test meant reading the sentance to work out which it should be and then putting the correct word.

The test then finished with the translation of some english words into Slovak which was kind of interesting. Ever since my previous failure of a language experience in the clinic I have been making as much effort as possible to learn as many words as I can especially related to animals. I am getting there slowly and surely and this module has been a great introduction for me.

Todays test score was around 95% meaning that I achience an A in this test! Whoooop! Now back to revision for Anatomy tommorow…

Some surgery and the results of Latin… (Day 65)

Cat dental examination anaesthetised veterinary surgical unit

This morning one of my classmates had a exploratory dental scheduled for her cat (you might have seen him on my Twitter feed when I was catsitting). Over the past 10 days I’ve spent a lot of time with this cat at the vet clinic on campus after he suffered massive rapid weightloss trying to find the cause. This cat is FIV/FeLV positive, with a haematocrit of just 18% (read about this more in Day 21 blood composition). Narrowing it down to a problem eating because of tonsilitis and inflammation of the mouth in addition to a lower urinary tract infection has taken Urinanlysis (looking at Urine), Blood Test, Ultrasound, Cystocentesis (taking urine from the bladder with a needle through the abdomen) for a microbiology culture. Now after a course of antibiotics to treat the infection, he was scheduled to have dental radiographs (x-rays) and examination of the teeth and jaw under anaesthesia.

Now this was my first visit to the surgical center on campus so I was kinda excited to get stuck in, yet nervous with the cat’s age for the anaesthetic as it would have devastated my friend to whom he is family. Now we have a dental specialist here who examined the jaw, did the xray and took a tissue section from the back of the jaw for histological examination. Being students we get in to watch, however on this occasion we also got to monitor breathing and recovery which was pretty cool. Here is a picture I snapped whilst the radiographs were being developed.

Cat dental examination anaesthetised veterinary surgical unitOne of the most important things during anaesthesia is the regulation of body temperature is compromised, on the table a soft warm fleece blanket was used to keep him warm, and during recovery a heat lamp was also used. He came round very well when the antidote was administered and has improved futher since, all that remains now is to wait 5 days for the results of the histological examination of the tissue sample taken from his mouth.

Anyways back to the regular day, its Wednesday and the day of language.  Whilst I appreciate how important language is after last Thursday, learning how to have a converstaion with waiter in a resturant is not going to help me when it comes to animals over here. And with Latin, whilst Slovak Law still says its a requirement for prescriptions to be written in Latin, there are very few other times where I am actually going use it.

Today in Latin we got our results from last weeks credit test, quite a few failed with me being one of them. I got 18.5 when I needed 21 to pass so not far off however some of the intricacies of the Declension system (which affects the ending of the word) still escape me. Now this would be fine, however we are now studying Greek words which are part of medical latin terminology yet the declensions do not apply to these words. Now instead of just identifying the declension the word uses it is also necessary to recognise it as either Latin or Greek.

I’m not sure if I have meantioned this before but this combination has come about because whilst Rome was stronger with military, Greece had greater culture and was stronger intellectually. So when the Romans invaded they started using Greek schools and universities to learn, and the Greeks also started opening academies to teach in Rome as well.

Anyways, I now have to learn my muscles for tommorow, so I will leave it there for today! Remember even if you cannot help sponsor me financially, just sharing my diary with the share buttons below really does help as you may be the person that connects with someone that can!