And I am still a vet student (Day 505)

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Today I sat my final attempt at my parasitology credit for protozoa and actually passed. So for the next 6 months at least I remain a vet student. This is a big weight off my shoulders and I have recieved absolutely amazing support from my twitter followers. This afternoon I grabbed some sleep which is something that for the majority of this week I have skipped.

So today my paper felt a lot easier than previously, though I still managed to make some stupid mistakes such as confusing L. tropica for L.donovani. My lifecycle question this time was based on Cryptosporidium which is a form of protozoa that autoinfects itself with 20% of the oocysts (eggs) produced being thin walled and breaking before they are excreted from the body. My other questions included morphology and diseases which I did ok in. In total I got around 3 questions wrong including labelling the kinetoplast and axoneme the wrong way around.

Now that parasites is done though I am planning to sleep and then decide on my next exam to work on.