Is it really 2 years already? (Day 498)

First snow at vet school in Slovakia

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Well today I got a shock, I went to calculate the number of days since I moved here and put in 2013 by accident. Realising this just brought it home that I have been in Slovakia for two Christmas’s, and next September a total of 2 years. In this time I have spent maybe 10 days back in the UK for BSAVA Congress and to speak with a sponsor in person. I am lucky in that I am so strongly independant, and doing something that I absolutely love as the time just simply flies by.

So no, not quite two years, but two Christmas’s. Last year was my very first white Christmas, in fact quite a lot of the winter was spent with snow on the ground and having to trek through it into classes. This year however has seen it snow just twice without settling – I am not sure what is going on with the weather however it does concern me a little.

First snow at vet school in Slovakia
My first snow here in Slovakia in Winter 2012!

So today I am sitting here thinking about how quickly the time has gone, last year in 2013 I took nearly 11,000 photo’s (yet just a few have made it onto my diary). However last semester I was really bad with updating my diary, I have been pushing myself extra hard with university, taking on addition responsibilities in addition to my studies, and starting the groundwork for my research project over the next 2 years. I have decided that instead of looking at the word count which is what I normally go by when writing in my diary I have decided that I will set myself a time limit. I will give myself 1 hour to write each day’s diary entry, and wherever it is at when that hour is up I will publish it.

I always try to be perfect, and I think sometimes it is better to do something rather than nothing and this is one of them cases. So hopefully you will have a lot more of a clue what I am doing each day, and I won’t feel so bad for being so quite! So until tommorow’s diary…

The launch of the Video Diary and an amazing day!

Ok I dunno what I did to deserve it, however today has been absolutely awesome! I’ve managed to sell some more stuff, got a new sponsor, had some amazing support and in total raised £160 towards my tuition!

In addition I have also launched the video diary! Check out the first episode below, and now if you’ll excuse my short post this evening I really do need to sleep!