The smoking culture (Day 4)

One of the biggest differences to the UK is that it is allowed to smoke inside buildings within Slovakia. Last night I slept really badly and spent most of the night coughing which is something that I have not done in years. I believe this is in part due to the second hand smoke, however also from the dust left from decorating my room. My amazing coursemate Nicky has volunteered a vaccuum tommorow to deal with the dust so basically just the smoke. Today I have been ok, however after going out this evening on a freshers pub crawl my throat is bad again and I have started coughing.

Today has been a random one, this morning I slept late as didn’t sleep well last night, and my throat was better. I then made friends with my new neighbour who has a African Grey Parrot which I thinks really cool. Also assisted in creating a shower system using a bucket and some piping, however some of the new friends I have made volunteered their hot shower in their hotel for me to use (Thank You!) which was awesome!

I then somehow got involved with helping someone on my corridor put shelves up… The wall here is really tough and blunted the first drill bit and snapped the second. However was an interesting use of a labcoat to protect clothes though! Was very interesting as apparently they manage a shelf a year 😀

Tonight was then the freshers pub crawl, this was my last night out I am allowing myself as come Monday I need to knuckle down and study as that is why I am here. It was a good night as the majority of the English speaking students came out so I got to meet those that had just arrived today. Basically over here it is a case of being really easy to become isolated, so social skills come high on the tip list. I also made friends with a group of Slovakians tonight as well who had visited London before who thought it was amazing I was studying in their country.

I am pretty tired so now its time to sleep! 🙂