Top 5 gifts to help keep your dog healthy

Greenfeeder enrichment for dog feeding time

There is nothing more important than good health – and whilst we may indulge in Christmas pudding and turkey these are not the best ideas for our pet dogs. I’ve decided to put together this list of some of my favourite dog gifts that help improve their health whilst also being fun.

The Green Feeder

This is one of the first games I ever came across for dogs that made food time more healthy. Just like with humans if a dog gulps all its food down quickly it is not healthy – and in dogs there is some suggestion that this can also be a contributor to bloat. GET IT HERE

Buster Dog Cube

Buster Dog Treat Dispensor

Another way to slow down feeding – or just to make your dog more active in finding their food there are a set of these cubes which progress in difficulty. I was introduced to this when I won one at a vet conference and spent many weeks using it with the clinic dogs. GET IT HERE

Timed Treat Feeder

Foobler Electronic Timed Dog Treat ToyThis is perfect for if you are going be away from your dog for a while – whether that is a trip to the shops or for work. It allows you to set a timer on an interval to release different treats or just spread food through the day. It will make a noise when it releases a new treat to get your dogs attention and break up their time alone. GET IT HERE

Dog Magic Activity Toy

Nina Ottosson Dog Magic Activity ToysThere is an entire range of dog games by Nina Ottosson which vary in difficulty from easy to hard depending on how much experience your dog has with such toys. If your dog is just starting with these I would recommend starting with the easy level such as this and building up to the harder levels. GET IT HERE

Brain Games

Brain games for dogs by Claire ArrowsmithThis gift is not just for your dog but also for you. Dogs are amazingly intelligent and this book gives you many ideas to try with your dogs. Seeing just how smart your dog is can be one of the most rewarding ways you can spend time with them. GET IT HERE