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I live and study in Slovakia, my girlfriend is Polish, and I am British. This was all possible because of the EU. I’ve worked with orangutans in Hungary, Dolphins in Germany, Tigers in Slovakia, Penguins in Austria, and dogs and cats in France. This was because of the EU – I can travel freely within Europe, I can live in Europe, I can study in Europe.

Did you know that some countries do not charge tuition fee’s like the UK? Or that in some countries tuition fees are considerably cheaper than the UK. In fact until yesterday mine worked out around £6000 a year… With the cheap living costs of eastern Europe I am saving thousands a year of student loans and grants that are “normal” in the UK. What’s more, I am doing this only because I couldn’t get the support I needed to study in the UK.

Did you know the only time I ever queued to enter a country was when I came home to the UK… Yes, every country welcomed me with open boarders, yet I had to request permission to enter my own country.

Sadly today all these opportunities have been taken away from other young people.


Because the government chose not to include the EU in the education that people receive in schools in the UK – unless off course you are able to afford private school. Why is this important?

When I step up to the operating table I must be confident – I must know the surgery, I must know the complications, and I must know the anatomy. I must know the tissue techniques – how I can access what I need – and how I can put it back together again to restore function. I must know the instruments and techniques for the tissues I am working with – suturing a spleen is different to suturing skin. I must know the drugs I can use – and those that I should avoid – and the reasons for this. Before I step to the operating table I will try to find as much information as I can – xrays, ultrasounds, CT, MRI, blood tests, biopsies…

Now the government chose to stand you at the operating table – with the simple choice of removing or leaving the EU. They tried to scare you that the patient would die if the EU was removed because it was the heart. They scared you that the patient would die if it was left because it was stealing all the bodies energy. What did you do? What was the right decision?

Well that patient is now in intensive care and no one knows how to treat them. Not because of you or your decision. Because the government decided not to prepare you. Because you did not receive the education you deserve or required to be at that operating table.

The government failed you. It failed the patient.

Starting the new semester

Start of new semester

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So today I started classes, this year is going be a little weird to me since I failed parasites last year – I’m basically repeating the 2 semesters of parasitology and taking a few of the 5th year modules at the same time. To be honest its nice to have a chance to breathe, however most of my free time this year will go towards my thesis and research papers in addition to extra time to review everything I have learnt over the past 2 years!

It does however also mean that I have time to keep my diary daily and to look for some additional funding (I need things like dentist, opticians, vaccinations etc) to cover things that I keep putting off. I’d also really like to get started with a video diary this year as well so looking for a decent camera!

Anyways onto today, first class of the new semester is Inspection and Control of Food Production. The lecturer is actually trying to make it fun and interesting (this is really appreciated and slightly unusual here!) however its all about the legislation and legal stuff in food production. Today was a general overview of the subject and the start of looking at the laws and legal framework. It is slightly interesting as we are looking at the EU regulations which for me is weird that the UK no longer has control over its own food production as it is done on a European level.

I guess this is going be a class that is a wait and see, tommorow is however going be a long day with a 7:15am start right through to 4:15pm with no proper breaks so I am going try and grab an early night! Upside is 3 hours of tommorow is all pathological anatomy practical so in the necropsy rooms!