Debrecen Airport for Kosice Slovakia (Day 203)

Debrecen Airport World War Bomber Station

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Well today was an early start as I travelled back to the UK to spend a couple of days in Cambridge before moving up to Birmingham on Wednesday. Generally the way that people travel back and forth between the UK and the UVM Kosice here is by Budapest. This used to be good with flights into Birmingham however these stopped in January this year 🙁

Anyways Budapest is around 3 – 4 hours away from Kosice by taxi, or there are two trains a day which takes around the same plus travel from the train station to the airport. Recently there has been a new route added from a place called Debrecen which has just one flight a day, but is around an hour closer to Kosice by road. At the time I booked flights were a fraction of the cost here and so I decided that I would try flying from Debrecen. Now arriving into Debrecen and driving along the airport it felt like we were driving onto a military airport with hangers with massive blast doors and grass over them like bunkers.

Debrecen Airport World War Bomber Station
Grassed covered hangers…

Looking into this further I’ve found that in World War II it was the base for a Hungarian Bombing squadron. After the world war it was then taken over by the Soviet air force who remained until May 1991 when they handed it back to the Hungarian state. The flight was on time, however it is the smallest airport that I have ever flown from so far – though because of the past use of bombers it has an extremely long runway.

Debrecen Airport in Hungary travelling to KosiceDefinately an alternative route to getting to the UVM Kosice from the UK!

Moving to Slovakia…

Ok, so I have backdated this however it is posted Tuesday evening as this is when I got internet sorted. I am going keep it sweet and too the point for now and expand it soon however the video covers it pretty well!

My Flights are booked, 27 days to go

Well, this morning I booked my flight to Slovakia, I am leaving Luton Airport at 8:15am on the 6th September and flying into Budapest. From where I am either going by shuttle bus or taxi to Kosice in Slovakia, I’ve never visited either country so am very excited!!!

Its just 27 days away though, and with needing to raise another £6500 by Christmas I am getting slightly nervous about raising so much money in such a short time. I have an interview with the BBC next week and am also trying to get some coverage from the local papers to raise awareness. I am getting a good response with my diary being shared near and far, so far I’ve had people from Indonesia and the Netherlands sponsor me.

Please if you can help do, if just every reader gives a pound it will get me there and really does make a difference!!! Even if you can’t help sponsoring me, sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter helps just as much! Tommorow’s post is an  Introduction of Positive Welfare and until then Goodnight 🙂