Setting Up A Veterinary Practice – Key Things To Bear In Mind

Setting up vet practice

There are all sorts of reasons why someone might want to set up their own veterinary practice. It might be that you have seen so much poor practice, and you would like to change things for the better. Or maybe you have the funding already secured, and you would like to put it towards something useful. Whatever your core motivation, setting up a practice of this kind is not something to do lightly. There is a lot to take on board if you want to get it right, and it goes without saying that you do. If you are thinking about it, however, then this might help. Let’s have a think about some of the main aspects involved in setting up a veterinary practice.


Probably the most important element of all is the staffing. After all, without decent staff, the practice might as well not exist. As with any medical practice, the quality of the staff takes precedence above all else. That’s why this is the first thing you should think about when you are getting into this. A good rule of thumb is to spend a long time on the recruitment process, as this will make it more likely that you end up with the right people. You want staff whom you can ultimately trust, and who are passionate about their work. This is a strong foundation for any practice.


Of course, it does make a considerable difference where your practice will actually be located. This is particularly true if your practice is going to be taking emergency calls as well. You ideally want to find somewhere which is relatively central to your local area. Being too far out of the way can make it difficult for people to find you – no good in an emergency. However, being too much in the thick of it can mean poor health for the animals. You don’t necessarily want to be in a city centre either! Choose your location well, as it will be a long time before you can change it or upgrade it to somewhere better.


Before you even open the clinic, you need to spread the word about it. Without a decent amount of promotion, you can’t reasonably expect people to use your practice. And if nobody uses it, then it is unlikely that you will stay open for very long. Promoting a veterinary practice might seem like a difficult thing to do, but the solution is to get a little creative. You could use pet theme promotional items to spread the word, for example. And don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth.


It is unlikely that such a venture will get far without a proper degree of funding. If you are unsure about how to go about securing funding, it is worth looking into before you do anything else. It can sometimes take a long time before you are approved, so you need to be prepared for that. Consider as wide a variety of funding sources as you can find.

A new funding strategy for business sponsorship… (Day 120)

Chris in the laboratory!

Todays Diary Entry is sponsored by: Pet Hooligans

Over the past month or so with help from several of my sponsors in the background I have been laying the groundwork for a new type of sponsorship for businesses. Obviously I still have a long way to go with raising the tuition I need for next semester and now just have 5 short weeks to do it. In addition to my individual sponsors I hope that these changes however give me a strong long term strategy where I can spend my time studying and writting instead of chasing funding.

This will make very little difference to my many readers and followers, and I will definately be selectful over the types of companies I work with. In the past few days you may have noticed a link at the tops of my diary entrys giving a sponsor (or advertising) for the entry. This is the first point of exposure for businesses and with many of my articles appearing very high in google is good for them. In addition you will notice that more adverts are appearing into the right side of the page, these are exclusively for my business sponsors so if anything here catchs your eye do check them out.

By introducing these changes I hope that I will be able to attract the sponsorship that I need to continue in vet school to follow my dream (check out why I am going make an amazing vet here!).

In addition this week application for a few different grants closed so I spent a lot of today finalising proposals and submitting applications to hopefully take some off the pressure away from me next year. At the moment for anyone following that is even considering following the same route I am with self funding as I study please think very carefully. Every single day is a balancing act of fundraising to studying.

If I fail exams my dream vanishes, yet if I fail to raise tuition my dream also vanishes. I am literally laying awake at night from the stress of it. Its definately worthwhile, however vet school is hard enough without fundraising too!

If you are interested in sponsoring Chris as an individual use the paypal form on the right of this page. If you are interested in business sponsorship please visit our business sponsorship page.

Chris in the laboratory!

Need Some Extra Cash for the End of the Month? Five Money-Making Tips for Students.

Being strapped-for-cash is kind of part of the deal when you go on to further education. It’s like a rite of passage. Your friends who left school and went straight into work will never know what it’s like to wonder if the half tin of beans in the fridge will be alright to eat even though it’s been in there for a month, or how much washing can be crammed into a laundrette machine in order to get it all done in one load.

No, those friends have gone from being taken care of by their parents to having a steady income of their own with no abject poverty in between.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have parents who won’t mind too much if you bring home washing, or take back food scavenged from their cupboards. But having a bit of cash in your pocket for a night out or just a trip to the shops for food and essentials is really important. After all, if you wanted to be a hermit and just study all the time you’d have become a nun, or signed up to the Open University. But if you’re at a university or college and want to socialise (and live independently) then you’ll need a bit of cash to keep you going. Here are our top five tips on how to earn a bit of cash:

  1. Find a job.
    It’s important to get one that lets you earn money at a time that suits you. There is no point scrimping and scraping your way through university on minimum wage if you’re working so many hours you don’t have time to study. You also don’t want to be working every hour sent, because you also need a life!
    Think imaginatively: advertise your typing services on the Student Union board (there are plenty of students with English as an Additional Language who would welcome a native English speaker to look over their grammar and content, too). The university or college might have jobs going: cleaning, or helping at conferences held there over the summer, for example.
  2. Sell Your Belongings.
    Be careful not to sell something you’ll later have to replace or wish you hadn’t parted with, but you can earn a fair amount from selling your belongings online or through adverts at your place of study. Tap in keywords like ‘sell my netbook’ to get a list of good sites, or be more specific (e.g. ‘sell macbook pro‘) for a more tailored search for the best prices.
  3. Sell your time to other students.
    There are some students out there with plenty of cash, who would rather not do some of the grunt work associated with university or college life. Charge your time at an hourly rate or have a list of services for set prices. Things like going shopping for them; doing their laundry; taking notes in lectures for them or doing library research for them.
  4. Sell your books
    Course text books don’t tend to change much from year to year, so if you have some course books from last year, sell them at the start of the new term (or online over the summer for students who are getting their reading lists organised early).
  5. Get into freelance writing or blogging.
    It is possible to forge a career out of writing for marketing companies that buy articles containing key words to promote their clients’ businesses. Search for freelance writing jobs online and see where it takes you! Or write a blog and run some adverts that pay per click.