Paying It Forward, just 16 hour till Dissertation Handin

Well, tonights diary entry is going be short as I must get back to my dissertation, I’ve been working to pretty it up and am pretty pleased with where it’s at. I am in two minds about actually taking a second project on my own back once this is finished to investigate certain areas further.

Anyways the thing I wanted to discuss today was Paying it Forward. Basically the theory is that one good thing should lead to another, or cashing in on good karma for when you need it in the future. I was asked to explain what I meant in terms of giving £1000 a year personally from my salary to help animals for the 40+ years of my career. Basically for every £1 I recieve in help now, I will make sure that £1 carries on working after I graduate as a vet directly helping animals that are in need that may not otherwise be able to get the help. Hence paying it forward, I am recieving a large supply of good karma from a large amount of people. Once I graduate I will be passing that karma on.

Basically £40,000 is:

  • £1 given by 40,000 people (see give a pound)
  • £5 given by 8,000 people
  • £10 given by 4,000 people
  • £50 given by 800 (see sponsor a day in my diary)
  • £100 given by 400 people
  • £500 given by 80 people
  • £1000 given by 40 people

I know that its possible, I need to reach these people that are able to help so every single person that retweets something on twitter, or likes it facebook, or even emails a link directly to someone is amazing and I can’t thank you enough! Please keep getting the word out there as many ways as possible!

My Flights are booked, 27 days to go

Well, this morning I booked my flight to Slovakia, I am leaving Luton Airport at 8:15am on the 6th September and flying into Budapest. From where I am either going by shuttle bus or taxi to Kosice in Slovakia, I’ve never visited either country so am very excited!!!

Its just 27 days away though, and with needing to raise another £6500 by Christmas I am getting slightly nervous about raising so much money in such a short time. I have an interview with the BBC next week and am also trying to get some coverage from the local papers to raise awareness. I am getting a good response with my diary being shared near and far, so far I’ve had people from Indonesia and the Netherlands sponsor me.

Please if you can help do, if just every reader gives a pound it will get me there and really does make a difference!!! Even if you can’t help sponsoring me, sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter helps just as much! Tommorow’s post is an  Introduction of Positive Welfare and until then Goodnight 🙂