Goodbye Gloucester, gone but not forgotten…

Well I have just walked out the door to the train station in Gloucester for the last time, I always knew this day would come however didn’t expect to actually be sad… Usually I am good at just moving on and avoiding letting people get close to me, it seems I failed this time so today as I start my next journey there are some people that I need to mention.

Low This all started with you and the surgical chapters in your Vet Nursing textbook. Thank you.

Gabrielle For giving so much and asking so little, you made me realise just how important the bond between horse and rider is. How horses can enjoy themselves and play too, and why natural/traditional horsemanship is the way forward.

Sarah I am never going forget farm induction with you speed walking to catch up to me and Kelly, and how you’ve stuck around since. I don’t ask for help, however when I needed it I didn’t need to ask as you were just there.

Kara Thank you, you truly are one in a million and totally awesome. Come visit!

Dr Rik Rolfe I’m not sure where to begin… Thank you for pushing me into the Student Movement, its been a lifechanger. When I spoke to 200 freshers at the start of last year I was shaking in fear, yet this April I spoke to thousands of the most influiential UK students on a national stage. Thank you, I know you’ve gone on so good luck with whatever you are up to!

Dr Alan Hill I know you’ve got your fan page already, but now you’re even more famous! Your enthusiasm was just infectious and I am glad to have met you and have you as a lecturer!

Ravneet Well where do I start, Hartpury wouldn’t be Hartpury without you! I know it wasn’t your intention, however I am really grateful that you persauded me to get tested for dyslexia. Just being able to use a computer for my exams has really made a difference!

Jim Thank you! I’m kinda sad I never had you as a lecturer (apart from the Animal Disease Sheep Locomotion Scoring Journals one). Your support with LABS has been invaluable, and definately do keep in touch!

Wendy I know I am a pain, however hopefully I have made your job easier by reminding UWESU that Hartpury does exist too (that rhymes whooop)!

Becki I push you not because I am mean, but because I want to see you achieve more than me as I believe you will. I know you will push your successor just as hard next year, remember its not what you’ve done, its what you’ve left behind thats important!!!

Alex All I’ll say is…. Annie! 😀

Celia Thanks for everything, Diagnostic Techniques was one of my favourite modules! Maybe I’ll see you at BSAVA 2013 if I get there next year 🙂

Tony Thank you. You put the joy back into climbing for me.

Helen I know I was a pain, however your support with LABS this last year has been amazing and it really was appreciated!!!

The “interesting” crew Thank you for so many interesting climbs & scrambles 🙂 Was always happy to arrive home in one piece despite the many moments……

The “activists” crew Thanks for an amazing Conference, great nights out and the solid debate! Come visit!!! 😀

There are of course others, however these are the names right at the front of my brain! Now I need to catch this train, so I will love you and leave you Gloucester!

Planning the move abroad

Well today has been interesting, I’ve done a lot of tidying up work on my dissertation, however I have taken it at a more relaxed pace compared to the past couple of weeks. I actually slept and ate pretty much as a normal person for a change.

I spent a lot of time this morning looking at flights, transfers, and getting to Kosice. The cheapest way is to fly into Budapest in Hungary and then get either a shuttle bus or a taxi for 40 Euros to the UVM Dormatory. Actually I am staying in dorms for the first time ever to save money, this is costing 112 Euros a month (about £90/month) and I’ve been told the rooms are pretty big. I am kinda really excited as it should also help with studying.

The biggest problem for me here is that Gloucester is not great for early trains… And the flights are either 7:50am from Birmingham or 8:15 from Luton. To get to luton in time I have to leave Gloucester at 2am by coach to Heathrow, and then catch a connection from Heathrow to Luton which gets me there for 7am. This is the earliest coach there is and I am slightly concerned about leaving time for checkin and passing security. However the luggage allowance from Luton is so much better.

The Birmingham route is operated by Ryan Air, and we all know what they are like. My flight would be just £28, however they charge £35 for a 20kg bag of lugggage… I do find it amusing that it costs more to transport a bag than a living breathing human that weighs 4 times as much.

In contrast Wizz Air charge the same for the flight from Luton, however only £22 for a bag up to 33kg, seeing as I have a ton of textbooks that I want to take the luggage is important. And also things like wellingtons, overalls, labcoats etc which are light but bulky. Its really starting to get exciting, I just hope I have time to get everything done that I need to do before I go.