16 Days to go… So much to do

Well I have started working out exactly what books I am taking with me, put all my climbing gear up for sale. And made a long list of DVD’s that I am selling. I also need to buy more contacts for the next year, in fact I have decided that I am going see if I can’t get them donated if I can remember where my prescription is…. Actually its going be interesting out there with the different healthcare system so going have to work out opticians etc. Luckily there is a group of us that need our Tick Borne Encephalitis and prophylactic rabies (still not sure on the Rabies as Slovakia is rabies free but kinda standard for vets…).

I also featured on the front page of the Pet Gazette website today with a lovely article here: http://www.petgazette.biz/index.php/industry-news/current-affairs/745-uk-vet-school-fees-drive-aspiring-vet-to-slovakia. I am truly grateful for the support I am being shown!

In other news today has been productive, I’ve potentially gained a part-time job for whilst I am studying, heading up to Liverpool next Wednesday to talk to them and see if its a fit! Really excited! Also had a good response to my Memorials page as I believe I should have somewhere to recognise those that donate in memory of their pets and loved ones. Still gotta make a list of the books I have, hopefully I have found somewhere in town that may take some of me! This week is going be crazy!

Still trying to work out banking! Seems nowhere does Postgraduate accounts anymore, and instead just extend your student account. I have caused loads of confusion as no one understands it properly as its kinda a unique situation. I am planning to open an account out there as I am going be there for 4 years. When I get there I have to register for residency with the local police which takes 5-6weeks but then gives me a ID Card. With this I can open a bank account etc which may be easier as some of the UK Cards do not work there as they are too advanced. I’ve also got a Caxton card on the way which I can use in the meantime fee free.

I am getting nervous that I am not going have time to do everything, hopefully going try and move as much as possible as fast as possible! The more money I can raise the better!