Milk and enjoying Latin… (Day 16)

My view in the morning...

So this morning when I woke up to this view and realised that I was really here in Slovakia at Vet School it instantly put a smile onto my face.

My view in the morning...

Ok so today was a day of Milk hygiene followed by languages. Milk Hygiene looked at the components of milk (i.e. fat, protein) and how this is managed which was pretty interesting.

Languages was where it got interesting as I could not remember which group I was supposed to be in and both groups wanted me so I was an easy catch for the first group which had Slovak first.

This week we started looking at how to count (something I had always taken for granted) and which is going be something I am going have to spend a while in my own time practicing. The only number the same in both Slovak and English is million…

Anyways after the disaster of Latin last week, and several hours of self study and going over stuff with friends leaving me less confused and feeling more confident I went to Latin. Going over the homework I had only made a couple of mistakes in my translations (yay!) and so we started looking at Declension 2. Now when I understand something I am fine so after the lecturer explained it once (and thanks to understanding the previous basics) I was fine. For some reason the lecturer then explained it again a different way, and then again another way, and then again, and again, and again. You could look around and see the initially confident faces becoming more and more confused… I decided that it would be more beneficial for me to get on with the next exercises so I started these answering a question that I was asked correctly and trying not to caught in the whirldwind of confusion that was sweeping the class.

I will confess initially I got totally lost in the first lecture, English is now apparently one of the easiest languages to learn as the genders and cases from other languages have been replaced by their own words. Latin for example does not have the word “of the” instead the ending of a word is changed to represent that it belongs to the object.

So the words fractura (fracture) and scapula (shoulder blade) would go together as fractura scapulae with the “a” on the scapula changing to ae to read as “Fracture of the shoulder blade”.

It gets a bit more complicated than this when you start adding left or right shoulder blade into the mix however I am getting more comfortable with it and in fact might even be learning it faster than Slovak!

Milk and a day of languages (Day 9)

My ISIC Student Card

My head really does hurt… Today started with Milk Hygiene, basically a major role of vets is food production as many products are animal based. Within the UK animals are inspected both antemortem (before slaughter for signs of disease or ill health) and the carcass inspected post mortem for signs of disease. Anyways vets also play a large role in the production of milk products (not to meantion the importance of milk for young animals) so there is an entire module on it which looks at dairy farm management, hygiene and handling of milk. The physico-chemical properties and microbiological characteristics of milk (aka how cheese, butter, icecream and milk products are made) which is pretty interesting. This went ok and I have my first practical on Friday for it.

Next on the list was Latin which was interesting as an hour before class a rumour started that they were changing the groupings for it. Somehow I’ve been singled out as the goto person so ummm was told to goto the office and find out what was happening. So after being told that we were being split into two and where the class was I went back to dorms for lunch. Getting back to campus (it is literrally a 5 minute walk away from dorms) I found a lot of my group wandering around unable to find the room. Even though I had been told where it was finding it was another matter, a lot of the campus buildings have security doors and with the signs being in Slovak it can be difficult to know whats what. Some of the lecture rooms are located in the same place as the offices and in this case there was also building work going on in the corridor outside so the entire group struggled to find it.

Anyways after we found it I realised that Latin may just prove to be my biggest challenge yet, the warm was boiling hot making me sleepy and the massive difference to English made most of the lecture go over my head. I decided that it was somewhere I needed to find help so set out to find someone among my classmates who knew it already. Basically I had it all explained to me again at a slower speed and more basic level which really helped. Going sit down with another person to explain the lecture to me so I am sure I understand it. After all they say if its easy its not worth doing 🙂

This was followed by Slovak Language which covered the basic pronounciation. I feel really lucky here as since I arrived I have been making a conscious effort to talk to everyone and anyone. I struggle learning a language from books, and find it much more effective talking to people that actually talk the language. Most of the words here were revision and to be honest though still not able to hold a conversation I am starting to be able to get by.

After this lecture we then got Student cards which also act as a library card, transport card for the buses and trams in town and also a meal booking card (in some areas the technology here is amazing!).

My ISIC Student CardI also went to get my dissection kit ready for the Anatomy and Physiology practicals tommorow in case I needed it.

Vet Student Dissection KitBasically all we need are scalpels and tweezers, however I like the fine control that a decent pair of scissors can give and considering the were half price decided to include them. The total cost of this was just 13 Euros so I think it was a bargain as it will last me for the next 4 years (excluding blades at 15 cents each…). Anyways it is now 2:15am, I’ve just finished some Histology revision and I am back up at 7am for Anatomy.

Until tommorow 🙂