My first day in the Small Animal Clinic…

First Day In the Small Animal Clinic

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Well today I ventured into the Small Animal Clinic here on campus for the first time with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised (the small animal surgical unit is separate to the clinic which is a medical unit). I was lucky to be paired with a friend who is close to graduating and can understand Slovak whilst speaking English so can fill me in on what is going on. Most of the doctors here can speak at least some English however a lot of the clients cannot so again this is a motivator for me to learn Slovak faster (I’m picking up a few words now).

So I cannot say much on individual patients for the obvious reasons, however in terms of skills I picked up I can say much! 😀 So this morning started at 8am getting permission from the Dr’s to be in the clinic, I then started with observing vaccinations (and how the records are managed here in the vaccine book). An interesting case of canine otitis with a bacteria known as Malassezia dermatitis which is a yeast which is usually commensal (aka lives in harmony with the host on the skin). This means that the small amount present is usually not able to cause disease, however when there is a disease or the animal is stressed this microorganism can take advantage of the weakened immune system and grow.

I also got to observe an euthanasia and was asked to help restrain a particularly fractious cat on another. Many vets say that when you do not feel any more with euthanasia’s it is time to leave the profession, and though many times a brave face is put on in front of clients it is hard every time. Personally for me I feel that being able to relieve suffering is a great gift, however its also important to use it at the right time which is a great responsibility. I do however agree that if I couldn’t feel then I definitely shouldn’t be here!

Some of my time went to cleaning, something that is never ending! I lost count of how many times I washed my hands today! We have had a few cats in for rehoming including two little kittens who are very cute with their circus act. The rest of my time went to checking IV’s, giving a dog water by syringe and learning how to look after a recombinant patient.

I guess today’s highlight was actually being shown how to do sub cutaneous injections during a quite period, and actually injecting my first patient this evening. I finally managed to leave the clinic at 8:30pm… Not bad for my first day!

First Day In the Small Animal Clinic