A new funding strategy for business sponsorship… (Day 120)

Chris in the laboratory!

Todays Diary Entry is sponsored by: Pet Hooligans

Over the past month or so with help from several of my sponsors in the background I have been laying the groundwork for a new type of sponsorship for businesses. Obviously I still have a long way to go with raising the tuition I need for next semester and now just have 5 short weeks to do it. In addition to my individual sponsors I hope that these changes however give me a strong long term strategy where I can spend my time studying and writting instead of chasing funding.

This will make very little difference to my many readers and followers, and I will definately be selectful over the types of companies I work with. In the past few days you may have noticed a link at the tops of my diary entrys giving a sponsor (or advertising) for the entry. This is the first point of exposure for businesses and with many of my articles appearing very high in google is good for them. In addition you will notice that more adverts are appearing into the right side of the page, these are exclusively for my business sponsors so if anything here catchs your eye do check them out.

By introducing these changes I hope that I will be able to attract the sponsorship that I need to continue in vet school to follow my dream (check out why I am going make an amazing vet here!).

In addition this week application for a few different grants closed so I spent a lot of today finalising proposals and submitting applications to hopefully take some off the pressure away from me next year. At the moment for anyone following that is even considering following the same route I am with self funding as I study please think very carefully. Every single day is a balancing act of fundraising to studying.

If I fail exams my dream vanishes, yet if I fail to raise tuition my dream also vanishes. I am literally laying awake at night from the stress of it. Its definately worthwhile, however vet school is hard enough without fundraising too!

If you are interested in sponsoring Chris as an individual use the paypal form on the right of this page. If you are interested in business sponsorship please visit our business sponsorship page.

Chris in the laboratory!

Sunday… A day of revision (Day 20)

Ok so today has been another relatively lazy day (aka I slept until 8 instead of the usual 7) and had a leisurely brekfast. Its been full of revision and also trying to spend a few hours brushing up on Chemistry (aka teaching myself). Unfortunately I did not study Chemistry as a A-Level and after Genetics realise just how deeply intwined it is into everything so am trying to work through it myself.

In terms of anatomy I now know the different parts of the Scapula, and am starting to learn the differences between the species. I really do think I need my own set of bones to do this properly so have spent some time reasearching and hopefully have found someone that can supply me a dog skeleton relatively cheaply. The problem in terms of diagrams not being that useful is that I have to learn the muscle attachment points, which on many bones are just rough areas. Trying to learn and memorise the position of these without being able to feel them is next to impossible and I think I will spend most of Tuesday and Wednesday evening in anatomy self-study where I can use the bones.

In other news I was asked to get involved doing some writting for a new project today which I am pretty excited about. I am still a long way from my goal of £40,000 and am slightly concerned at how I will be able to cover next semesters tuition. I am focusing on trying to find as many monthly sponsors as I can now as this way even though it may be more work now I do not have to worry so much about how I am going be able to afford to stay here.

If you enjoy reading my diary and if you can help (even with just £1 a month) please do as it will make the world of difference to me! You can set it up automatically each month on the right of this page with a Paypal subscription. As a monthly sponsor you will get a special sponsors only newsletter, as well as invitations to come visit and hopefully some supporters events when I am back in the UK. If you are a business I also am able to offer you advertising as part of a sponsorship detail so please contact me.