Dissertations and Fireworks!

Been working on statistics most of the day. Originally was intending to do this using SPSS and spent nearly 3 hours setting up variables and coding before a kind twitter follower introduced me to Minitab. I grabbed their free trial, downloaded, installed, and imported my entire dataset within 30 minutes. Only played with a few features so far however its so much easier to use than SPSS it is untrue!

Statistics and writting reports has always been my weak point so I am extremely proud of how much I have done so far (managed 59 references!)! I am good at getting stuff done, however I am dyslexic so struggle getting stuff outta my head and onto paper when its in a formal situation.  At the minute I am finishing up my results, I am then starting my discussion and conclusion which will take me up to 6000 words. Once I reach that point it is a case of tweaking and improving to increase my grade.

I also took a break this evening to go and watch the free fireworks in Gloucester Park for the last time with my housemates. I decided that I should video it for all you people to enjoy as well!