Want A Pet But Lead A Busy Lifestyle? Simple Solutions & Compromises


There are countless benefits of owning a pet. They make ideal companions and in many cases are completely devoted to their human friends. Research shows that they make us happier and help alleviate stress. But what if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to take care of them? There are several simple solutions.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Whether you get a pet and the type you get will depend on how busy you are. Being out of town for several days each week is one kind of busy. Staying late at the office a few nights a week is something completely different.

Pets like dogs take a lot of looking after. They also need lots of human contact. If they don’t get this, they are likely to fret and develop destructive behavior. So if you’re away from home a lot, a dog wouldn’t be the best option for you. In these circumstances, fish may make more suitable pets, as long as you have someone who can call in and help feed them and clean their tank. You can find many varieties of fish for sale online, and they can can be delivered quickly and safely to your door. They won’t fret and become distressed if you’re away. They do still get sick, of course, but with the proper care and attention, they can live long and healthy lives.

Another benefit to having a fish as a pet is that they don’t make a mess. They won’t wee on the kitchen floor or chew your shoes. Because their activities are confined to their tank, you won’t be confronted with a messy apartment after a long day at the office.

Friends And Family

All pets need some care and attention, even if it’s just feeding and cleaning their environment. Do you have friends or family who could help out if you’re busy or away? There are many professional services that provide pet sitting or dog walking if you’re away. However, if you’re away regularly, this wouldn’t be a viable option as many pets need regular human contact.


Independent Animals

Dogs are possibly the neediest of domestic pets. They need a significant amount of love and communication. Cats are less dependent on their owners as they do not need the same time input for walks and exercise. The most important is they have a warm place to sleep and plenty of food, with some toys they can manage their own entertainment. If they don’t have access to a cat flap to go out of doors, you will need to establish a litter box. That said, some cat breeds are quite needy and require lots of human attention. If left for long periods of time, like dogs, they tend to fret and can be destructive.

Fish are possibly the least needy of pets and won’t fret if left alone. Small animals such as hamsters are also fairly low-maintenance. They are also nocturnal which means that they sleep during the day and their activities are confined to the nighttime. Though intelligent and social, as long as they have the right environment they keep themselves occupied. Ensure they have a wheel and plenty of toys to play with.

It’s still possible to own a pet, even if you have a busy lifestyle. It’s just a matter of finding the right pet for you. Their health and happiness should be the first consideration. So opt for pets that won’t fret if you’re away for long periods. And for those times when you can’t get back to feed them, ensure you have a reliable friend or professional to call in

Making It Through Winter: Occupying Your Dog Until Spring


People may say they find it difficult to keep their kids occupied and busy all the way through winter, but it’s even harder when you’ve got a dog! Energetic and playful, many dogs tend to need a lot of exercise and stimulation so they don’t make your life hell. Here are some tips on how to keep them busy through winter when you can’t take them out quite as much…


Even if you think you’ve already trained your dog, chances are that only means that they’re housebroken, that they can walk nicely on a leash, and that they sit on command. If you have enough space in your home then you can practise any tricks there. You could teach your dog how to give high fives, how to roll over and how to play dead. Honestly, staying inside in the winter is pretty boring for all of us, not just dogs – teaching them tricks is a great way for you to have some winter fun too! Invest in some toys from http://indestructibledogtoys.org/ as a reward for great behaviour.

Keep Your Dog Warm


It’s a good idea to invest in a coat for your dog, particularly if she’s small. During the coldest weather, you could also get her to wear boots – touch the ground and imagine how you’d feel if you had to walk barefoot on snow and ice! The pads on dogs’ feet are very sensitive so you need to make sure that you protect them. When you get home from walks, make sure that your dog’s feet are dry and that you give her ample time to warm up. You should also make sure that your dog’s sleeping environment is as cozy as possible. Even if she’s an outside dog, put fleecy blankets and a heater inside the kennel, and make sure it’s insulated well.

Feed Your Dog Well


Your dog may gain a little weight over winter, because he needs to cultivate an extra layer of fat to keep warm while it’s cold out. First of all, yes, you could also use this an excellent excuse as to why you’ve piled on a few pounds over the festive season – and second of all, it’s okay to feed your dog a little more over the winter, although you should make sure that you aren’t overfeeding him. Make sure you monitor his weight and that clean water is provided at all times so he doesn’t get dehydrated.

Go Hiking


Use your dog as an excuse to get yourself and your family out of the house. Your dog needs exercise and so do you – but your dog will be a whole lot more vocal about getting it than you and the rest of your family are. Wrap yourself up warm – include the dog in that, and buy him or her a doggy coat! – and go to your nearest open space or hiking spot for a bit of recreational walking. You could even let your dog off the leash for a while if she has good recall – she might be a lot easier to spot in the undergrowth if it’s been snowing than she usually is!

Whats in a name? (Day -235)

Dog name tags on collar

One of my favourite books growing up was The Wizard of Earthsea. This book is the story of a wizard that has great power – yet this power is dependent upon knowing the name of something. Without this it doesn’t matter how great the power you have, you are powerless.

When you are doing surgery some doctors believe it is useful to dissociate yourself from the patient as that way you can do what you need to do without emotion. Personally however I believe it should be all about the patient. A name takes it from being just a dog or cat to a patient, someone that should be looked after and cared for to the best of my ability.

The first question that I will ask a pet guardian is the patient’s name. Something I have come to realise in doing this is that is not only does it give me someone to look after, when asking such a simple question in what are often traumatic times can help create calm. It’s such a normal thing to ask.

And in veterinary medicine calm is good – animals are so good at picking up on human emotion that if we are upset or stressed then they are upset and stressed. So asking for a name is a step down the stress ladder.

The pet guardian realise then that it is not just another animal to you, they realise you care, and they feel they are in the right place.

Dog in red collar with name tags

Being in Slovakia gives me another view on how medicine works. It’s amazing the time’s I’ve walked in and asked what is their name to find out that no one knows.  In the UK it is something I’ve never come across – we are good at getting the paperwork right – and we are expected to know the pets name.

Then again it can also cause problems when you rely on the computer and the records are out of date. I’ve heard stories where a pet has passed on across the rainbow bridge, and the guardians are in with a new pet who you naturally assume to be the pet that has passed. That is never a good situation however one that is easily fixed.

A name attaches the responsibility to you. When something goes bad you are sad because of the name. When something goes right you are happy because of the name.

Now my memory is absolutely awful for people, however I remember every single patient I have every treated.