BSAVA Congress 2014 Day 3 – The Wall of DEATH – (Day 570)

The wall of Swallowing Dangers - AKA Wall of Death

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Well today I am grateful that there is free coffee available… Doesn’t taste great but at least it has caffeine as I am starting to get tired. Today I woke up to find that I had been included in the BSAVA Congress Times…

Chris Allen BSAVA Congress Times

On a serious note for a moment I found this which I think really highlights the importance of education (especially as the drug this company was selling costs around £40 a dose!).

The wall of Swallowing Dangers - AKA Wall of Death
The wall of Swallowing Dangers – AKA Wall of Death

Now any of these items can kill a dog, and I was told that even vets and vet nurses struggled to name more than a few when asked. Behind me on the wall are: rat poison, grapes, chocolate, onions, paracetamol, garlic, chewing gum, raisins, and missing from its bowl is a rubber duck! Please do remember that it is harder to pet proof a home than to childproof it!

Today in addition to the lectures I wanted to goto for the Avian Medicine stream which were really great I also had to attend the BSAVA Student Rep meeting. This then turned into a invitation to the Petsavers Charity 40th Birthday party (yes the cakes were good!).

BSAVA President Michael Day at Petsavers 40th Birthday

I was then invited by PLH Medical to judge their twitter selfie competition to win a Diagnostic Ultrasound manual from CRC Press with the winner being selected from the PDSA pet charity!

PLH Medical Twitter Competition Prize Presentation

This evening instead of the BSAVA Part Night I decided to goto the unofficial Folk Night which is held each year next door. Now this was something I found my first BSAVA Congress but couldn’t find the year after even though I tried… In addition to the great live music…BSAVA 2014 Malthouse Folk NightI also found my very old friend Old Rosie which was an added bonus as Slovakia is a cider free country…

Old Rosie Cider

Why I think the energy companies need to frac off…

Fracking causes tap water to burn

Sometimes you can look at people, and wonder just what their problem is. However until you take the time to educate yourself in an issue you are in no position to judge. Now I’ve seen the news about fracking in the UK, along with the protests against it, personally I knew nothing so I didn’t see the problems so didn’t pay much attention. Until last night when this video popped up during a break from revising inflammation.

Now that is impressive, just what does it take to make your tap water go up in flames? In this case it was fracking… I knew that they used water under high pressure to crack the shale bed, I didn’t know that they pumped it full of a massive long list of the chemicals (poisons) that came up in Toxicology last semester such as glycol ethers (aka antifreeze which is highly fatal in pets). In fact some of these chemicals are so bad in laboratories you cannot put it down the drain, and instead have to pay loads of money for it to be disposed of by special companies.

Now being honest, its gotta be pretty much common sense that if you put something into a box, close that box, and come back ages later that the thing you put into it is still there. Now if the fracking cowboys put chemicals into the ground, only remove around a 1 third of them for disposal, it is logical that the remaining 66% remain in the ground to find its own way out. And with the entire objective being to create cracks as passages for the gas to be extracted these cracks also act as a distribution system for these highly dangerous chemicals.

Reading a little more I came across the Gasland documentary which looks at the problems in America caused by fracking, and Gasland 2 which looks at recent progress including the government coverup (oil companies pay for elections apparently) and how it has affected Australia as well. I honestly urge you to take a few hours to watch these (or at least the first one) and educate yourself on why we need to tell the energy companies to frac off!

Gasland Documentary 1 on Youtube

Gasland Documentary 2 on Vimeo

Toxicology – end of week 1 of year 2 of vet school… (Day 375)

Veterinary Toxicology

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Well today is my last day of my second first week of vet school here in Slovakia, I honestly do now know where the time has gone and am pretty exhausted. I think I am going have to slow down over the next few weeks as if I continue like this I will not make it to Christmas without getting sick. I just want to be the most amazing vet I can so am doing the same as everyone else plus extra stuff outside of the set curriculum.

Today we have only one (long) subject starting the morning with a lecture then a 3 hour in veterinary Toxicology. To start off with the most basic thing, anything can be a poison in excess so in addition to looking at the common poisons we also look at the effect of medications and so on taken in excess. The lecture this morning was really interesting as we started looking at the history of toxicology which actually seems to be pretty much developed by assassins in the old ages before it became a science in the past 100 or so years.

The practical today was another introductory lecture, and was focused on lab safety – I get the feeling that this time they were serious when telling us that we could die if we did not follow their rules. They reinforced these multiple times with different videos on how to behave in the lab, and then started talking a bit about arsenic and cyanide so I am a little nervous now especially as the morning lecture was about how arsenic is not detectable by taste, colour or smell.

The rest of the practical was looking at to collect different samples and get them to a lab. This was interesting as the curve ball of how do you sample for fish poisons in water supplies and the logistical side of things.

Veterinary Toxicology

Now for a weekend of reading and writing up notes! Until next week people 🙂