Dissertation is in! Just 23 days to go!

Printed and Bound Dissertation Ready for Hand In

Well my dissertation is bound, printed and handed in! Probably the most effort I have ever made for a single piece of academic work actually. It took 15 minutes to just print each copy so I hope the poor trees have not been used in vain!

Printed and Bound Dissertation Ready for Hand InThanks to someone on twitter I’ve been reminded I also have my oral presentation tommorow (yes with working so hard on the project writeup I had forgotten!) so am currently preparing my powerpoint for that. Luckily I am reasonably confident with presentations so should be ok here.

Some people asked for my dissertation topic, the official title was “Investigation into the public perception and recognition of animal pain in companion animal species”. Basically the rationalle behind this project is that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes it the owners rseponsibility to ensure that an animal is free from “pain, suffering or disease”. If an owner does not understand animal pain, then basically they cannot do this so its been pretty interesting. I will do a full write up later on what I actually found though as now I gotta get back to my powerpoint.