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If you have decided to get a pet, for companionship, for the kids, or just because you’d like to have one, then there are certain things you need to consider otherwise you could end up with the wrong pet for you and your circumstances. Don’t jump into anything just because you feel something at the local pet store looks cute.You might just bite off more than you can chew. Be considerate, because it isn’t just you that will be affected but the innocent animal too. These tips can help you make the appropriate decisions, you may have already considered some of them which is great but check the other ones over and just in case you have missed anything, they can jog your memory and help you think of things you may have forgotten.

In the first instance you need to realise that having a pet is more than just giving it food. They are like people. Things go wrong, they need to be checked up on by professionals and you may need certain medications that cost money. Dogs are a prime example, they will likely need Advecta II for Dogs, as well as a whole glut of vaccinations and yearly check ups. Do you have the finances to check for this? Cats are the same. Needing vaccinations and checkups to ensure they stay healthy. Bear in mind these considerations before you commit to owning an animal.

You also need to check out your accommodation and whether it is right for the animals you want to keep there. For example, an apartment is likely not good for a cat. They like to be able to go out and range the local area on their own. They can’t do this from a few floors up. The space also provides problems for the bigger dogs. If you own a husky or German shepherd then it is going to be hard to find space for them in an apartment. Consider a smaller dog instead and ensure there is enough room for a bed or something similar for them to have their own space.

The most important thing to consider is whether you have the time to dedicate to the animal. If you are really busy all the time then a cat may be the right answer as they tend to need less company than dogs. Even so, they need some. So you could think about getting something else entirely like a lizard or snake, something small and easy to care for. A dog is a big no because some need two walks a day. If you don’t have the time to do this they will grow restless and irritable, and it will be your own fault. Be considerate and chose an animal that you can care for properly. It can be easier if your partner is willing to help, or your have kids who want a specific pet and can help with the walking of the dogs or sharing of affection. It can be easy to buy an animal without thinking, but remember the old saying, pets are for life not for christmas.

The flying snake…

Flying snakes Chrysopelias ornata

Today’s Diary Entry is sponsored by Supreme Petfoods

So most people have heard of flying pigs before, however today I actually got to meet a flying snake, and no it wasn’t through any accidents of any kind. The snake I was looking at was the ornate flying snake, Chrysopelia ornate that is found usually in southeast Asia. There are only 5 recognised species that belong to this group of the flying snakes.

Now the flying snake can travel up to 100m in the air, and land with pinpoint accuracy using special adaptions to its body to make an aerodynamic wing. These adaptations include sucking in the stomach, and spreading out its ribs to flatten its body. Now to clarify this is more a Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story anyone) kind of flying as this snake is arboreal and lives in the trees and not on the ground. So what happens is the snake moves to the end of the branch, pulls back into a J shape, picks a landing spot and then launches itself off. During its entire journey the body keeps making its side to side movement that it would make on the ground to stabilise itself in flight.

Once in the air the ribs move up flattening the body allowing the snake to glide. Sometimes nature is pretty cool as in addition to the ability to fly the flying snakes are also venomous. Now this venom is relatively weak and will only affect small prey (such as mice), however in addition to this the fangs are at the back of the mouth and are small. This means that it would have to be something pretty small being bitten for it to fit into the mouth for the fangs to reach so most humans are relatively safe with these snakes (though getting bitten is still not a good idea because of the bacteria).

Today the flying snake was in after what we suspected to be trauma, the intestines had herniated (broken through) the circular muscles that surround the body of the snake so had to be replaced. The surgery went well, and hopefully my first snake patient that flies will make a good recovery.

Just to note though, the unique adaptations of snakes between species is one of the reasons it’s so important to research to understand the needs of pet snake before getting one as they can be so different. This snake needs to live in a tree, and needs space to exhibit natural behaviour.