Forgotten in a stye (Day -291)

Vet Student Pig Medicine

I’ve started my training on pigs, in total from the 4 year course it consists of just 4 weeks teaching. It started with a lecture this week and during this I had a sudden realisation. It’s taken me a few days to get my thoughts straight before I write this.

Pig medicine is all about one thing, and that is increasing its growth so that you can kill the pig sooner for meat.

I realised that no one really keeps pigs as pets. There is no discussion of individual health instead just consideration of the production unit. This is the first time I am actively questioning whether I should be eating meat from pigs. There are so many pork based products that I enjoy – I take great pleasure coming back to England for my English breakfast – the bacon, the pork sausages.

I have gone through so much education, and one of the things I hold dear is the ability to draw my own judgements from my own experience and education. It is something that has often caused me problems – as the famous saying goes about stories…

There are 3 sides to every story, their side, the other side, and the truth.

Whilst the start of pig medicine has confused me – I have resolved that I should go through it with an open mind. And at the end I will make my own decision.