Pets and Holidays: What to Do About Your Dog When You’re Away


As much as we love our dogs, there are times when we just can’t be around to take care of them. Be it a business trip or a surprise visit from in-laws, there are situations where we’ll have to be away from our loyal companions.

But many people are faced with the trouble of what to do when those situations arise. For some people, taking their dog on holiday with them is a natural thing and they’ll even choose destinations that their dog loves. It could be a beach where they can play in the sand and water or a cosy cottage where they can sleep and relax around a crackling fireplace.

If you’ve got an event coming up soon that will separate you and your companion, consider some of these tips on how to go about dealing with the problem.

Take Your Dog on Holiday With You

As long as you aren’t going too far away or on a plane, then you can take your dog with you no matter where you go. As long as you buy a suitable crate for your dog (or a strong leash if they’re big) then you can keep them in the car with you as you drive. Just make sure that someone is looking after them, or if you’re travelling alone then drive slowly. If you break suddenly, it could frighten your dog or worse, send them flying off the seat and hurling into something. If you’re travelling via coach or train, then make sure you inform the driver or rail service before taking your pet on board.

If you’re travelling via plane, then there are still options to take your dog with you. Owners would love if there was no hassle involved when travelling with their pets, but the truth is: there is a lot of preparation involved. You’ll have to buy a bag or crate to carry your dog, and you need to inform the airline when you purchase your ticket that you plan to take an animal on board. Don’t show up to the airport with your dog in a crate because they might deny you entry!

dogs-on-holiday-on-the-beachDoggy Daycare & Boarding

There are many services around the world such as that specialise in looking after your pets with the utmost love and care. Whether you have a small dog or a large canine, they’ll most likely be able to offer you a service that is tailored towards your needs. Does your dog have certain hobbies or dietary requirements? Not a problem, the daycare service will handle it for you. Will you be separated from your companion for a week? Again, that’s no problem because many daycare centres will be equipped with long-term services as well.

It’s an inexpensive method of keeping your pet occupied and looked after while you’re away, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in good hands and being cared for.

Asking a Friend or Family Member

If you take regular trips away from your dog, then it might be worth making friends with the neighbours or bringing your companion to a family member’s home. As long as you leave your dog in safe hands with the same person or family each time, your dog will grow used to their scent and voice and listen to them.

Why I want to visit Australia (Day 152)

Koala in Australia

Today I somehow ended up reading about Bindi Irwin and her efforts in conservation since her father, Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter left us. You know when you get asked the question who would you want to have dinner with if you could choose? Steve Irwin would be around the top of my list, in fact I’d consider him one of my idols and a major influence in my passion for wildlife. Steve took a species that was hated and feared, and helped people understand crocodiles, one of the most evolutionary perfect animals.

So Australia has crocodiles, they’ve also got snakes which I also find fascinating as well as several unique native species including the kangaroo. Now the kangaroo is pretty special in that it can pause its pregnancy. Generally whilst there is a “joey” in the pouch, there is another embryo waiting to develop if this one should die or when it matures enough to leave the pouch.

Koala in Australia
A Koala

Then you have animals like the Wombat, Koala and the Echidna. The Echidna is an ant eater that has no teeth, feeding just on ants and termites it uses a long sticky tongue to collect them from a nest before crushing them between tough pads on the palate. There are also native birds like the Kookaburra which has a call that sounds like a human’s laughter. Legend says that the bird  wakes man to the glories of a new day.

Now one of my dreams in my life is to get to visit Australia, ideally I’d like start from one of the hotels in Sydney and work my way up the coast as I know there are numerous national parks on the way. Hopefully one day in the future after I qualify I may even get a chance to work with these amazing animals, and to off course visit Australia Zoo.